Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tracking the Latest Developments in US Atlantic Hurricane Activity and Tropical Cyclones

an uptick with five weather systems under observation.

Tropical Storm Franklin, located in the eastern Caribbean, and a disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico are anticipated to gain strength over the upcoming 48 hours. Simultaneously, meteorologists in the United States are closely monitoring three additional atmospheric conditions within the Atlantic region.

Franklin, presently boasting sustained winds of 50 mph (85 kph), is projected to approach the southern coast of Hispaniola island on Tuesday. This trajectory is expected to result in substantial rainfall across certain sections of the island, as well as neighboring Puerto Rico, persisting through the middle of the week.

Preceding Franklin, there exists a trough of diminished pressure, presenting a 70% likelihood of evolving into a tropical depression or storm. This transition is expected to occur as the trough advances toward the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico by Tuesday, as outlined by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC).

In its most recent advisory, the NHC conveyed that Tropical Depression Six, situated in the vicinity of the Leeward Islands, is predicted to transform into a remnant low by Sunday night.

Sequentially, Tropical Storm Emily, positioned in the central Atlantic, has the potential to transition into a post-tropical cyclone within approximately 36 hours, according to forecasts provided by the Miami-based meteorological authority.

Meanwhile, a tropical disturbance proximate to the Cape Verde Islands holds a 30% probability of developing into a cyclone over the ensuing 48 hours. Subsequently, the emergence of a tropical depression is expected later in the current week.

Despite the relatively subdued hurricane activity experienced in the Atlantic this year, the Western US Coast encountered Tropical Storm Hilary. This storm led to intense flash floods both east and west of Los Angeles after traversing Mexico’s Baja California peninsula with formidable impact.

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