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Miracle Ginger from Southeast Asia Unveils Stunning Anti-Cancer Powers! You Won’t Believe What Researchers Discovered!

A type of ginger from Southeast Asia might be used as a component in brand-new anti-cancer diagnostics. You might be familiar with Kencur as a flavorful spice that improves food or as a home remedy for digestive problems. Although this tropical plant, a member of the ginger family, is indigenous to Southeast Asia, researchers from Osaka Metropolitan University have found encouraging evidence that it has anti-cancer properties.

The study, led by Associate Professor Akiko Kojima of the Graduate School of Human Life and Ecology, showed that the active ingredient in Kencur extract, ethyl
p-methoxycinnamate (EMC), significantly inhibited the growth of cancer cells in both cells and animals.

Although earlier research on EMC suggested that it could inhibit the growth of cancer cells by reducing the expression of a protein called mitochondrial transcription
factor A (TFAM), the precise mechanism has remained a mystery.

“The findings of this study support the anti-cancer properties of Kencur extract and EMC, the extract’s primary active component. As research in related fields
progresses, it is highly anticipated that TFAM will eventually become a new marker for anti-cancer effects, according to Professor Kojima.

Reference: Yutaro Sasaki, Toshio Norikura, “Kaempferia galanga L. extract and its major component, ethyl p-methoxycinnamate, inhibit the proliferation of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells by suppressing TFAM expression,” in Cancer Cell, vol. Leenawaty Limantara, Isao Matsui-Yuasa, Ritsuko Fujii, and Akiko Kojima-Yuasa, 23 June 2023, Heliyon.

Ginger from Southeast Asia Unveils Stunning Anti-Cancer Powers

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