Sunday, June 16, 2024

North Korea rocked by ‘bomb blast’ in ‘Kim Jong-un assassination attempt’

According to reports, a bomb attack that reportedly rocked Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, left Kim Jong-un “feeling uneasy about his safety.”

In the hermit nation, where news is closely scrutinized and internal problems are rarely reported outside of its borders, claims about an explosion were published in the South Korean newspaper the Dong-a Ilbo.

The article cited a source who in turn mentioned eyewitness accounts from locals.

The insider did not exclude the possibility that the explosion was the result of an accident or a heist intended to steal food because the nation is in need.

rather than an attempt on someone’s life, we are on the verge of a new famine.

But the report also stated that they could not rule out the possibility that the alleged attack was directed at a “high-ranking” member of the regime.

The North Korean leader reportedly tightened security around him as a result of this explosion.

It has been claimed that Mr. Kim upgraded his explosive detection tools and increased the number of guards who can carry briefcases in order to better protect himself.

The Kim dynasty, which has ruled North Korea since the late 1940s, includes Kim Jong-un.

During a recent engagement, Mr. Kim was photographed with a group of men carrying briefcases and wearing suits and ties.

There has undoubtedly been tighter security around Kim Jong-un, according to Michael Madden, a fellow at the Stimson Center in Washington, DC and a leading authority
on the North Korean elite.

Regarding the briefcases, Mr. Madden added that they are carbon fiber items referred to as “ballistic bags or ballistic briefcases” and frequently used as bulletproof
shields and to defend people from tasers and other similar electronic weapons.

He added that the guards could raise the special briefcases to protect Kim Jong-un if they received a radio alert from the spotters about any suspicious activity
or if a shot was fired.

These bags also unfold; by undoing either the velcro or the clasp, the bags become a kind of fabric shield. Therefore, if Kim is shot, these bags would be opened, and they would surround and cover him until he could be put into a car.

Mr. Madden also suggested that the North Korean leader may have followed in his father’s footsteps by providing some of his security guards with defibrillators so
they could receive immediate medical assistance if necessary.

After the second unsuccessful launch of a spy satellite, Mr. Kim, the third member of the dynasty that has ruled North Korea since the country’s founding in the late 1940s, suffered further humiliation.

Mr. Kim has made it a priority to launch a spy satellite into orbit because doing so would enable him to track approaching attacks and plan his own offensive maneuvers.
However, the Thursday attempt was unsuccessful during the rocket’s third stage of flight. The first failed attempt, which occurred in May, was dubbed their “gravest failure” by Pyongyang authorities.

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