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Madonna’s Spectacular 65th Birthday Bash: A Celebration of Life, Laughter, and Legendary Style in Lisbon

Madonna shared a fun video of the celebration on Instagram two days after turning 65! The “True Blue” singer displayed several different birthday looks in the Friday, August 18 video while she was enjoying a lengthy celebration in Lisbon, Portugal. She flaunted her lace bustier and crop top ensemble in some clips, accessorizing with opulent blue and green jeweled earrings and sunglasses covered in jewels. She posted videos of herself
relaxing on a boat while donning a wide-brimmed sunhat, as well as one of her friends joining her for some beach horseback riding. The mother of six was also
spotted dancing with family and friends while looking stunning in a sheer white bejeweled dress over a black strapless corset.

Then, as her guests cheered, she was seen settling down for a quiet dinner and saying, “It’s great to be alive.” Scenes of the festivities were accompanied by the unforgettable 1990 song “Vogue” by the singer. It’s wonderful to be alive, and it’s amazing to be able to celebrate my birthday by putting on my dancing shoes. Along with a happy emoji, Madonna added a caption to the photo. I’m So Thankful. Thank you to everyone who contributed and to Lisbon. 19.1 million people follow the venerable pop icon on the website, and many of them flocked to the comments section to respond.

“That looks great! Fabulous Madonna Celebration. “STRIKE A POSE!! Haters will find something to dislike about this, but she’s still the undeniable Queen,
” exclaimed one supporter. “My Queen!” “I adore you so much! Along with a heart, a birthday cake, and a kissing emoji, a third added,
“Happy that you had a great birthday celebration!!”

Less than two months had passed since Her Madgesty’s terrifying June 24 hospitalization for what was described as a “serious bacterial infection.
” At that time, she had just celebrated her milestone 65th birthday. She discussed how society has tried to “silence” her but has failed in a 2019 interview.
According to her interview with Vogue, “People have always been trying to silence me for one reason or another, whether it’s because I’m not pretty enough,
I don’t sing well enough, I’m not talented enough, I’m not married enough, and now it’s because I’m not young enough.” They simply keep looking for something
to hang their disagreement about my existence on.
I am currently battling ageism and receiving criticism for turning 60.

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