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“Kevin Costner Drops Legal Hammer: Accuses Ex of Dodging Divorce Talks, Demands Financial Consequences”

Kevin Costner Launches Legal Offensive

Hollywood heavyweight Kevin Costner has taken a bold step in his ongoing divorce battle with his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner. Recent court documents obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital reveal an intriguing new development in the high-profile split. In an audacious move, Costner’s legal team has demanded that Baumgartner acknowledge the validity of their premarital agreement (PMA).

Legal Maneuvers and Contentious Claims

In a “memorandum of points and authorities,” Costner’s legal team alleges that Baumgartner has deliberately evaded acknowledging the premarital agreement’s terms, refusing to admit or deny requests for admissions and answer form interrogatory No. 17.1. The legal documents claim that Baumgartner’s use of vague language and objections based on the perceived ambiguity of words like “understood” and “negotiation” is an attempt to avoid providing clear responses.

Financial Ripples and Sanctions Sought

Adding another layer to the legal saga, Costner has also requested Baumgartner to cover “reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred,” totaling $14,237.50. The “Yellowstone” star’s legal team has petitioned a Santa Barbara court to prompt a response from Baumgartner within seven calendar days of a scheduled November hearing.

Background of a Dissolution

Baumgartner initiated divorce proceedings from Costner in May after a nearly two-decade-long marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The former couple shares three children. Costner has an additional four children from previous relationships.

Legal Wrangling and Quest for Truth

Costner’s legal team, led by renowned celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, contends that Baumgartner’s refusal to provide clarifications during discovery proceedings in May is unwarranted. The team argues that her lack of response to key questions about the premarital agreement, which aims to validate the agreement’s terms, is not justified.

Unraveling the Legal Tapestry

Central to the legal debate is the veracity of factual representations made by Baumgartner and her attorney in the premarital agreement. Costner’s team asserts that Baumgartner’s evasive responses are unfounded, as the parties had previously waived the attorney-client and work product privileges with respect to these specific representations.

Awaiting September Showdown

With legal proceedings in full swing, a new hearing date has been set for September 6th. The courtroom clash continues as both parties seek joint custody of their three children – Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13.

Property and Support Considerations

In the aftermath of the divorce filing, a judge ruled in July that Baumgartner is prohibited from removing items from the $145 million Carpinteria, Calif. compound that was shared during the marriage, in accordance with their premarital agreement. Costner has been ordered to provide $129,755 monthly in child support.

As the legal drama unfolds, the question remains: Will Kevin Costner‘s legal offensive yield the answers and resolution he seeks in this intricate marital dissolution? The Hollywood saga continues to captivate the public’s attention, leaving us eager for the next chapter in this riveting courtroom battle.

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