Monday, June 17, 2024

Hyundai and Kia Announce Massive US Vehicle Recall Due to Fire Risk

Hyundai and Kia are initiating a recall affecting a significant number of vehicles, approximately 3 million in total, within the United States due to safety concerns related to fire risks. This action follows an announcement by regulatory authorities made on Wednesday.

The affected vehicles consist of around 1.64 million units from Hyundai and Genesis, encompassing models produced between 2010 and 2015, and approximately 1.73 million Kia, ranging from 2010 to 2017.

These two prominent South Korean automobile manufacturers, Hyundai and Kia, have taken this measure due to concerns regarding the potential for these vehicles to spontaneously ignite. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conveyed a message advising owners of these recalled vehicles to park them outdoors, away from residences and other structures, until the necessary repairs have been completed.

It is important to note that these fires may occur whether the vehicle is stationary and powered off or while it is in operation.

The root cause of this issue lies in a malfunction within the vehicles’ anti-lock brake systems (ABS). Specifically, there is a possibility of brake fluid leaking internally, potentially leading to an electrical short circuit, as highlighted by the NHTSA.

Hyundai has formulated a plan to inform vehicle owners to bring their affected vehicles to the nearest authorized dealership for the replacement of the ABS module fuse. On the other hand, Kia is actively working on developing a solution but has not yet finalized one.

It is worth noting that, as of now, neither of these automobile manufacturers has knowledge of any accidents, injuries, or fatalities associated with this particular defect.

Within the United States, Hyundai has reported a total of 21 vehicle fires that can be linked to this issue, along with an additional 22 incidents categorized as “thermal incidents,” which encompass visible signs of smoke, burning, and component melting. Kia, in its report, has documented one instance of an engine compartment fire, three fires within the unit itself, and six cases of components melting.

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