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SHOCKING! Detroit Tigers DITCH Longtime Broadcaster – Find Out Who’s Next!

Matt Shepard will not be returning as the play-by-play broadcaster for the Detroit Tigers on Bally Sports Detroit in the upcoming 2024 season, as confirmed by Greg Hammaren, the senior vice president and general manager of BSD.

Shepard assumed the role of the Tigers’ TV play-by-play broadcaster in January 2019, but after five seasons, he will no longer be fulfilling those duties. His departure was communicated to him on Tuesday morning.

In collaboration with Bally Sports Detroit, the Tigers will initiate a search process to find a new play-by-play broadcaster and aim to have the successor in place before January 2024.

Shepard, who is now in his late 50s, has been covering professional, college, and high school sports in the Detroit metropolitan area since the 1990s. He was initially hired by Bally Sports Detroit, formerly known as Fox Sports Detroit, in 1999, where he held various roles. Before joining the Tigers in 2019, he served as the radio play-by-play announcer for Michigan basketball and Eastern Michigan football.

Greg Hammaren expressed gratitude to Matt Shepard for his dedicated service in the Tigers’ television booth during the past five seasons. He acknowledged Shepard’s passion for Detroit sports and his ability to engage millions of fans with compelling stories each year. While acknowledging that change can be challenging, Hammaren emphasized the organization’s eagerness to chart a new course and locate the next play-by-play voice for the Tigers.

Decisions regarding the complete broadcast team composition will be made once the play-by-play broadcaster position is filled.

In the 2023 season, Shepard worked alongside analysts Craig Monroe, Kirk Gibson, Dan Petry, Cameron Maybin, and Todd Jones. Monroe, a former MLB player, served as the primary in-game analyst alongside Shepard.

The decision to part ways with Shepard was made by the Tigers and Bally Sports Detroit after considering feedback from fans, executives, and industry experts. This conclusion was reached through a comprehensive evaluation process that unfolded over time.

Regarding the search for a replacement, the Tigers and Bally Sports Detroit intend to be ambitious in their quest for candidates with significant baseball broadcasting experience. Radio broadcaster Dan Dickerson will not be making the transition to television.

It’s worth noting that the Tigers’ previous TV broadcasters, play-by-play announcer Mario Impemba and analyst Rod Allen, had their contracts terminated in October 2018 following a physical altercation before a game in September 2018.

Matt Shepard’s contributions to sports broadcasting in Michigan have not gone unnoticed. He was named Michigan Sportscaster of the Year in both 2015 and 2016. In addition, he received the Ty Tyson Award for Excellence in Sports Broadcasting, a prestigious Detroit Sports Media award, in 2018. Shepard graduated from North Farmington High School in 1983 and earned his degree from Central Michigan University in 1988.

One thought on “SHOCKING! Detroit Tigers DITCH Longtime Broadcaster – Find Out Who’s Next!

  • Patricia Munsel

    I’m really sorry to hear about this change. I seen where the tigers broadcasting was listed as being the worst of the team broadcasters. I don’t think all the blame for this is all Matt’s fault. I really enjoyed him kandand K. Gibson. However never could wrap my head around Craig Monroe. I aways felt like he was too much for himself. Change is always good I understand that. However he just never had the knack of explaining things so the uneducated baseball fan could understand the game. I have only been a tigers fan for the last five years and I’m still learning. I never felt like I was being talked down to by the other announcers. Really sorry to see the changes your making right now. I hope you can find someone that can be warm friendly and keep the interest of the fans by knowing the players history as well as Matt and Kurt. I enjoy most of the team that bring the Tiger’s game to us. My best to Matt and Kurt.


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