Monday, June 17, 2024

FDA Alert: Recall of Tydemy Birth Control Pills Due to Reduced Effectiveness

In a recent announcement, Lupin, the pharmaceutical company responsible for producing Tydemy birth control pills, has issued a recall for two batches of the drug. The reason behind the recall is the potential for reduced effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.

Lupin, based in New Jersey, decided to recall the batches after tests indicated reduced quantities of ascorbic acid, an inert ingredient, and higher levels of a “known impurity” in the tablets.
This decline in productivity, in Lupin’s opinion, might result in unintended pregnancies. As a result, the FDA issued a customer advisory warning that the pills’ ability to prevent pregnancy may be endangered due to low levels of ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C
Despite these worries, neither Lupin nor the FDA has received reports of adverse events linked to the use of these pills.
If you are currently taking Tydemy , Lupin advises you to continue doing so in the short term. However, it is critical to get information on alternative therapies from your pharmacist, physician, or medical professional. Unfortunately, Lupin has not yet released detailed information on the impurity in the tablet or the role of ascorbic acid in this context.

To identify the affected batches, check the lot numbers on the packaging: one batch, containing 28 pills, is labeled with lot number L200183, while the other, consisting of three packs of 28 pills, has lot number L201560.

If you have any problems while taking these pills, please contact your doctor right once.. Additionally, you can report any concerns to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program, as stated in Lupin’s announcement.

To ensure public safety, Lupin has also requested pharmacists and retailers to immediately discontinue distributing the recalled product lots. If you possess any of the affected batches, return them as soon as possible.

Remember to exercise extra caution when it comes to your health.

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