Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee Assumes Role of Acting Governor: An Update on Leadership Succession

In Tucson, Arizona, Kimberly Yee, the State Treasurer of Arizona, took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to announce her temporary assumption of the role of Acting Governor. Her tenure in this capacity commenced on Wednesday evening and is set to extend until mid-morning on Thursday.

In her official tweet, she conveyed, “I have received notification that I shall assume the responsibilities of Acting Governor from later this evening until mid-morning tomorrow.” Yee expressed her willingness to fulfill this role but made it clear that she would not be appointing directors to the 13 agencies currently facing vacancies. Furthermore, she stated her intent not to convene the Arizona Legislature to confirm these appointments.

However, she did emphasize her hope that upon the Governor’s return to Arizona, qualified directors would promptly be appointed to these crucial state agencies. Yee underscored the importance of resolving the legal uncertainties surrounding regulatory actions undertaken by these agencies. She urged a swift resolution, emphasizing the need to return to the vital work of serving the interests of Arizona taxpayers. In her words, “The people of Arizona deserve leaders who uphold the principles of the rule of law.”

Kimberly Yee occupies the fourth position in the hierarchy of Arizona’s gubernatorial succession. Following the Governor, the line of succession consists of the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and then the State Treasurer. It’s noteworthy that the Attorney General is currently out of the state until Friday morning.

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